Are you looking for a training regimen to keep you consistent, yet allow flexibility in the schedule to fit your lifestyle?

This 12-week half marathon race plan is designed for: 1) The runner looking to get back into the routine of training 2) The first time half marathoner.

  • Day 1 is set for a rest day or 30 minutes of cross training exercises (bike, swim, hike, yoga)
  • Day 2 set for an easy 3 mile run (a great day to add a body circuit workout after, or strides/warmup drills)
  • Day 3 offers runners looking to add variety into training by rotating hills/paced runs.
  • Day 4 runs are based on time to keep an easy effort consistent before the weekend
  • Day 5 is off for fresh legs for Saturday long runs
  • Day 6 long run is the most valuable part of half marathon training. These runs are for “time on your feet” and effort should be at “conversation pace”.
  • Day 7 is for rest or an option for a second cross training day. Walking/hiking/yoga for 50′-60′ is a great way to loosen up the legs from their long run the day before.