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Half Marathon

River Run Half Marathon Course Map

The Half Marathon will start at Wallace Lake in Berea, 774 feet above sea level, and finish at the Memorial Fields in the Metroparks in Rocky River, 604 feet above sea level. This downhill course promises a fast, competitive race.


There will be Fluid Stations at the 2.5 mile, 4 mile, 6 mile, 8 mile, 10 mile, and at the 12 mile markers. All fluid stations will have water. Gatorade will be at the following locations as well mile 6, mile 8, mile 10, mile 12.

Mile markers 6 and 8 will have energy gels!

Portos will be located at Wallace Lake, the 4 mile marker, the halfway point near the Rocky River Nature Center, the 10 mile marker and at the finish line.

Medical: Chamberlain College of Nursing will be onsite at the Finish Line. EMS will be on the Course as well as at the Finish Line. 


The River Run Half Marathon has a course time limit of 3 hours and the course will close at 11am. You must maintain a 13:45-minute per mile pace (approximately) or faster, completing the half marathon distance—start line to finish line—within the event time requirement. After this time, the course will re-open to vehicular traffic and you will picked up and driven to the finish line. Those who finish outside of the time limit will not be recorded as official finishers and may not receive full on-course support from aid stations and traffic safety personnel. If you do not think you will finish by 11am, the option to start at 7am with the half marathon walkers is available. To participate in the walk you will have to hold a 18:30 pace.

The Half Marathon course is certified by the USATF – certification certificate below:

Mile 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 13.1
Elevation 774 770 745 690 680 660 650 640 638 640 620 612 608 604 602

Total Elevation Change: -172 Feet



On Valley Parkway, Exactly 113’3″ south of large wooden street sign post for North Quarry Lane

1 Mile

On Nobottom Rd. 75′ N of Fireplug near S. drive entrance to Tower in the park Apartments

2 Mile

Park Place as course returns to Barrett Rd. 15′ before W. curbline of Barrett

3 Mile

On Valley Parkway, 694 ft. before the Barrett Rd. Stone marker.

4 Mile

On Valley Parkway, ½ mile north of Willow Bend Picnic area, (parking in grassy area).

5 Mile

On Valley Parkway, .3 miles north of Stafford Rd. On the left is a baseball diamond and an oak tree is just past the marker. On the right are 15 parallel parking spaces. Just south of Lagoon Picnic Area.

6 Mile

On Valley Parkway, on left is a hill and a detour sign. The marker is just south of Shepherd Lane (Parking is at the Rocky River Nature Center. It is suggested that the volunteers enter the nature center off of Shepherd Lane.).

7 Mile

On Valley Parkway, on the right is curbs separating bike path from the road. About 30 yards north is a reflector.

8 Mile

On Valley Parkway, 20 yards north of falling rocks sign, ½ mile north of Broadway Rd. sign, after I-480 sign. .4 miles south of Cottonwood Picnic Area. .8 mile south of Mastick Rd.

9 Mile

On Valley Parkway, .2 mile north of Mastic Rd. 75 yards south of Sycamore Picnic Area.

10 Mile

On Valley Parkway, .3 mile north of Big Met entrance sign. There is a bridge on the golf course on the right side of the road. (Limited parking).

11 Mile

On Valley Parkway, just past a brick rise in the road on left side of the road, parking lot is about 100 yards before the marker.

12 Mile

On Valley Parkway, 150 yards north of soccer fields, 300 ft. north of curbs, the river is on the left and .7 mile south of Hogsback Lane.

13 Mile

Bend of road, just before Memorial Fields


Even with the bench on third base side of baseball diamond #3


NO VIEWING AREAS AT MILES 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, AND 12

To View at FINISH:
Parking is NOT AVAILABLE at the finish. To help alleviate traffic congestion in and around the Metroparks, we will be offering a shuttle service from Rocky River High School to the finish beginning at 8:00 AM. The shuttle will run until 12:00 PM taking spectators back to Rocky River High School.

Limited parking is available at the Sweetwater Marina, approximately 1.4 miles from Memorial Fields.


  • Rocky River Stables
  • Rocky River Nature Center
  • Memorial Fields


  • Parking near Mile 6: Cedar point rd and the Nature Center
  • Parking near Mile 9: Mastic Woods Golf Course
  • Parking near Mile 10: Big Met Gold Course
  • Parking near Mile 11: Little Met Golf Course.

-Hermes Sports & Events is not responsible for any parking infractions or tickets-